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How to Build a Sales Force that Sells
Twenty Mistakes Sales Managers Make and How to Avoid Them
Setting Expectations for Salespeople
Holding Salespeople Accountable
12 Tips That Will Make You a Great Sales Manager

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If you’re frustrated by a sales force that’s not making the numbers, contact me to set up a brief strategy session. We’ll talk about your sales management challenges. No cost, no obligation. Just some straight talk and we’ll see if I can help you. Please allow a few weeks to get in the schedule. Contact me at

Street Smart Sales Management Forum on LinkedIn

An online community for people who manage salespeople, helping each other avoid some of the pitfalls.
This group is for you if you manage salespeople, if you’re responsible for generating the sales and profits your company needs, and you must do it through other people.
The purpose of the Street Smart Sales Management Forum is to share practical tips on sales force effectiveness.
Your actual title is not important. You may be a sales manager or vice president of sales. You may be an owner, president or CEO
We encourage group members to participate in the discussions and interact with other members.


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