People Like to Buy from Real People.


Are you depending too much on social media?

The doorbell rang. My dog got out. Pandemonium. Eventually the
visitor and I got him back inside. We’d just adopted Nicky a few days
previously and he wasn’t used to his new home. I don’t think he even knew
his name, never mind any commands.

Icebreaker out of the way. Everyone is breathing normally. I found out
the caller was going door-to- door selling a new internet service. Honestly, I
was thinking, “I’m not interested. The service I have is fine. Why screw
around with something new.”

Regardless, I’m always willing to listen. And, the young lady made the effort
to knock on my door.

As it turned out, she was an excellent salesperson. She quickly got my
attention, and in a short time I was sold. I went from “I’m not interested” to
“where do I sign up?”

Why did I buy? Why did I decide to drop my current service and go
with her offer?
There are many reasons. Here they are in no particular

  • She knocked on my door. Somehow, she missed the memo about face-to- face sales calls being a thing of the last century. She found a way to cut through the noise of modern marketing and social media selling. She discovered when you’re physically in front of someone, they can’t just hit Delete and make you go away.
  • She knew how to make a sales call.
  • She was polite and conversational. Inquisitive without being pushy.
  • I didn’t feel any loyalty to my existing provider. Except for the monthly bill, I had no contact with them from the day they installed the service. There’s an important lesson here about keeping in touch with your customers. Nurture them or your competition will.
  • In a very short time she understood what I needed from an internet provider. She uncovered pain I didn’t even know I had. She captured my attention. By the way, that’s not easy these days … I have the attention span of a gnat.
  • She showed me how she could provide a solution to the technology challenges I was facing in small town America.
  • She could deliver speeds ten times faster than I currently had. And include TV. And include landline phone service. All for about the same price I was paying for internet alone. That’s a lot of dog food.

I’m tired of hearing about the death of salespeople and salesmanship. Tired of hearing how social media has made traditional selling obsolete. Tired of spam. Tired of the noise and clutter. Tired of being a few seconds away from being deleted.

“At any given second there are 2 ½ billion people on the internet. And you’re hoping to be heard amidst that clutter?”

Thanks to the volume of email, the average attention span is less than 8
seconds, and dropping every year. And you expect to reach your customers
by adding more noise?

Look, I love modern technology. It’s incredible. There’s a place for social media in our lives. You wouldn’t be reading this post without it. Having said that, if you’re in sales, don’t rely on it for all your prospecting. If you want immediate results, pick up the phone or go knock on some doors. Stop hiding behind the internet.

I guarantee you’ll never have to stand in line to make a cold call. Even if you
don’t sell everyone you talk to, you won’t get deleted. You’ll sell more and you may even enjoy it.

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